Stormgate (NC) Window Overview and Styles:

Stormgate NC and Stormgate R&R products are enhanced versions of our regular Windgate or Belmont designs, manufactured to meet stringent coastal code requirements. The Stormgate product line is currently limited to double hung, casement and picture styles, but includes geometric shapes and bay & bows. Stormgate has all the features of the Windgate or Belmont lines with the following additions:

  • Laminated glass to protect the window envelope under high winds
  • Substantially more reinforcement to strengthen the unit under high winds
  • For Double Hungs:
    • Heavy duty interlocking tilt latches for missile impact resistance
    • Heavier duty balance system to offset the extra weight of the sash with reinforcement and laminated glass
    • Double hung units have sill snubbers to protect against negative wind loads
  • All Stormgate units have a Design Pressure (DP) rating of at least 50
  • Stormgate windows have been tested to meet ASTM E1886 and E1996, large and small missile impact, Level D, Wind Zone 4
    Options such as exterior coatings, exterior casing, jamb extensions are available in the Stormgate line
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